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My 5 Favorite (and most used) iPhone Apps


I admit it, I’d be absolutely lost without my iPhone. I got my first phone, a 3G a few years ago, and finally upgraded to a 4S when they came out last year. It’s amazing how quickly we’ve become dependant on being always connected, whether it’s to text our kids, check something online or just to snap a picture and instantly share it.

Given that my phone and I are attached at the hip (so to speak) I though it would be fun to do a round-up of the apps I seem to be using the most lately.  Oddly enough (or maybe not) the phone functionality is probably used the least on my phone, that’s just an add-on to all the other cool stuff I can do with my phone!

So here goes, my list is in the approximate order of my useage level.

    1. Facebook – I am one of those people who love Facebook, absolutely love it.  I don’t play the ‘villa games (you know, Farmville, Frontierville, etc.), I just love how I can peek into the lives of my friends and family whenever I want, through the photos and statuses they post. Most of my extended family is Ontario, and I’m connected to a lot of them on Facebook, so this way I get to see little baby cousins and glimpses of things I’d otherwise be missing out on.  If the Facebook icon on my phone was an actual physical button, it would be completely worn off by now.
    2. Built-in Camera App – My phone has become my “always have it with me” camera.  With the great resolution on the 4S, the ability to shoot also shoot video, and the flexibility of all the photo and video editing apps out there, you can create some really great shots without going through the hassle of carrying around a big camera and then firing up Photoshop when you get home. (I’m NancyMurray on Instagram if you’d like to see some of my pics.) I’ve even started relying on just my iPhone camera on vacation; it was the only camera I took on a recent trip to New York with my sisters and our previous trip to the Caribbean. I have several photo editing apps on my phone and they all have the ability to take photos, but I like using the native camera app right from the lock-screen (saves precious seconds) and then importing it into the editing app I want to use.
    3. Instagram – Speaking of Instagram, who doesn’t love this great app? For someone who loves taking pictures and being inspired by the pictures other people take, Instagram provides the ideal outlet for taking cool photos, making them even cooler with all the built-in filters, and then letting you post the photo (even to Twitter and Facebook if you want) and see photos from others who share your interests.  I tend to go in spurts with Instagram, and right now I’m in the midst of one. One of my favorite ways to challenge myself is to take a photo I wouldn’t normally take, whether it’s of an unusual subject, an odd angle or whatever and see what I can do with it.
    4. Camera+ -While the native Camera app does a great job, sometimes you just need a little more creative control. Camera+ gives you access to a wider range of SLR-type features to really fine tune your iPhone-ography. Controls like white balance, exposure lock and focus lock let you take your photos from snapshots to artistic images. It also includes a couple great tools like a horizon level and a grid to help you line up your photos just right. And when you’re finished, you can choose what quality to save your photos at, then share them to your favorite social media sites, right from within the app.
    5. IMDB - I know this breaks a little with the photography theme here, but seriously, isn’t it great when you’re watching a show and you see an actor that you know you’ve seen on something but you just can’t remember what and you absolutely NEED to know right now, you can just look it up on your phone? And that’s not all IMDB is great for.  Movie trailers, show times, what movies are playing now, what’s coming soon, all great stuff .

What are some of your favorites?

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