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Creative video makes an old classic new again

Do you remember those books when you were a kid (I might be showing my age a little here) where you read the first few pages of the story and then had to choose from option A or option B? Once you chose it told you what page to turn to, to continue reading until you got to another choice. I used to love those books, and I would spend hours going through the book choosing different options each time to see how many stories I could actually get.

Well, the Metropolitan Police in London have done a fabulous job of giving this old classic a new twist, delivering a very powerful message about youth violence in the process. Through a series of 33 videos, starting with the one below, you are literally put in the shoes of a youth who is faced with a choice when he goes out with his friends, whether or not to take a knife.

One of the unique things about the video series (other than the entire concept obviously) is that it is shot from the point of view of the main character, so you can look down at “your” hands or look over at someone else but you never see “yourself”.

Anyways, even though I’m obviously not the target market for a campaign like this, I found the videos completely engaging, and found myself going back and making different choices in the storyline, just like I did when I was a kid.

In my opinion, this is a great use of social media to connect with an audience, engage them for a relatively long period of time, and really get the message across. What do you think?

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