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We’re all social critters living in a social world

Here I am at my first blog post on a new blog, almost always the most challenging post to write. People usually say ‘welcome to my new blog’ on their first post, so I’m going to be different and not say that. You’re intrigued already, aren’t you? I can tell. :-)

I will take a moment to tell you why I decided to start this blog however.

I am a Marketing Communications professional and have seen parts of the job description change over the years from ‘traditional’ advertising and promotion to website management and e-newsletters to social media and online communities. The focus of the role, however, has not changed; to use the most effective communications vehicle to communicate with the customer in a way that encourages them to believe in what we are sharing with them, and ultimately to purchase our product or service.

Since the advent of blogging and then full fledged social media, customers can talk back in a way they never could before, and this shift fascinates me. Some people use their new found voice to ‘talk’ to their favorite celebrity or politician, some use it to inform the world what they had for breakfast, some use it to advocate or boycott certain brands or organizations, and some use it to start a revolution.

Because at the end of the day, we’re all social critters and we live in a very social world.  We like to connect with those around us, and feel that our opinions and our views matter to others. And we are interested in what others have to say in return.

So I’m going to use my voice to share with you my views on how we use social media at home and at work, even though that line is starting to get pretty blurry, and how it is changing our view of the world around us.

Whether or not you choose to listen is completely up to you.

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